While the Democrat Party is busy painting a picture of a burning Bangkok, they systematically fail to address the concerns of Bangkokians on increasing violent crime, growing pollution, a poorly planned infrastructure for the public and the floods that strikes Bangkok every year. Dirty tactics among the Democrat politicians in trying to salvage their political […]

Thailand: Increasing Steps in Anti-Ivory Trafficking

Thailand’s National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department has instructed local ivory traders to beware of involvement with the illegal ivory trade. Deputy Director-General Theerapat Prayoonsit presided over a meeting of 60 local traders to educate them about the new regulations in order to prevent illegal ivory trade. The department asked for cooperation from ivory traders […]

The List: Five Governments That Deserve to Fail

The List: Five Governments That Deserve to Fail The leader: Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva Why he’s got to go: Politicking when he should be governing. Aiding the poor through the downturn should be a bigger priority than scrapping with rivals. The story: Thailand has been in a state of political turmoil since 2006, when a military coup ousted […]