The End of Abhisit’s Career?

Abhisit Vejjajiva, the fledgling leader of the Democrat Party, has been busy these past few months. The former Prime Minister is struggling with his case of fraud in the army, the charges of his involvement in the deaths of the Red Shirt demonstrators in 2010 and his bitter and insensible attacks on Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra‘s national policies.

Abhisit is seen as the campaign manager of Sukhumbhand, who is contesting in the upcoming Bangkok Governor election. The stumbling block for Abhisit is his small power base in Thailand’s capital. While some Democrat leaders have openly shown support to Sukhumbhand, for the sake of political unity, their disguised show has been lost in translation by many Bangkokians.

Members of the Democrat Party are dissatisfied with Abhisit’s choice for Sukhumbhand because they are of the opinion that there are other capable leaders within the party. It is not a secret that Sukhumbhand had pressured the party central leadership committee into accepting his candidacy. According to sources, Sukhumbhand was not Abhisit’s first choice and has been unpopular among the younger cream of political elites. Abhisit’s inability to set stern leadership during this crucial time have left negative impact on his future.

If the party’s candidate loses in the election, the younger politicians will have no choice but to end this stilted and artificial dramatic performance. The future of Abhisit’s career is now at the hands of Sukhumbhand.


One thought on “The End of Abhisit’s Career?

  1. The man’s a disgrace, an incompetent one-trick pony as PM and now a wholly destructive and whining leader of the opposition.

    One of those many people that not only will Thais not need while developing, but one of many which they just cannot afford.


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