Interview with Sukhumbhand Ends Badly

Sukhumbhand is campaigning for his second term as Bangkok Governor. Recently he was interviewed by Bangkok Post in what was seen as a shift from his unreachable approach to a man who almost candidly answers questions of the interviewer. The word association segment at the end was very unusual and poorly executed with no aims. Maybe the interviewer was trying to do a psychological profile of Sukhumbhand’s personality? Anyway it ended badly for both the interviewee and interviewer.

“It was not a mistake” retorted Sukhumbhand when the embarrassing Futsal stadium matter was mentioned during the interview. Seems Sukhumbhand still believe that FIFA was wrong in not accepting the stadium despite the poor quality of construction and what was seen as a noncompliance to international Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards. The stadium did not meet the expectations of FIFA and Bangkok was dragged in the mud because of BMA’s denials and oversight. Read my past article:

During the interview, the reporter had asked Sukhumbhand about the lack of direction.

“I have accomplished most of things I had promised in the campaign in the last time around. I did what I had to do…” said Sukhumbhand but did not elaborate what sustainable developments he had achieved as Governor. Many Bangkokians cannot forget the floods in 2011, where almost every part of the city was under water. Money spent on flood prevention work was never justified and some flood tunnels were never built much to the dismay of Bangkokians, the corporate sector and tourists.

Watch the interview then make your own conclusion ka.

Source of interview: Bangkok Post

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