Democrat Party’s Take on Preah Vihear

Democrat Party deputy leader Thaworn Senneam said that if the Government believed it has a good rapport and strong ties with the Cambodian Government, it should ask Phnom Penh to withdraw the case and settle out of court. This is an excepted reaction from Thaworn, who likes to simplify the matter because of his lack of understanding and nationalistic ego. Thaword and many members of the Democrat Party are in favor of rejecting the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and engage in an ugly confrontation with Cambodia.

Yingluck’s Government believes in constructive dialogues and territorial consultation process, especially on the sensitive issue of Preah Vihear where both countries have agreed to respect the decision of the ICJ.

When Abhisit Vejjajiva was the Prime Minister, he did nothing towards peaceful resolutions with Cambodia. Upon his command, Thailand was dragged into a border conflict with Cambodia where lives were lost and hundreds were displaced from both sides. Abhisit administration then had withdrawn the country’s membership to UNESCO in opposition to the United Nation’s awarding Preah Vihear World Heritage status and thus granting Cambodia the right to manage the heritage site.

Abhisit, Democrat Party and ultra-rightwing People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) did nothing to protect Thailand. They merely tarnished the country’s sovereignty and image.


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