Pongsapat: Leadership for Bangkok

According to the Bangkok Poll, as cited by a local English newspaper, that when asked who they would vote for if the election took place on the survey day, 23.9% of the respondents said Pol Gen Pongsapat of the Pheu Thai Party, and 23.6% of them backed MR Sukhumbhand of the Democrat Party.

Only 6.5% of the polled voters said they supported former national police chief Pol Gen Sereepisut Temeeyaves, an independent candidate, while 42.1% of them had not yet made a decision.

As many as 89.3% of them said they would turn out to vote, 7% were unsure, and 3.7% said they would not.

Questioned about the criteria they used in making their decision, 49.5% of the respondents said the candidate’s competency, knowledge and past performance, 28.7% pointed to the candidate’s policies, 16.3% said the candidate’s political party and 6.0% preferred independent candidates.

High living costs was the problem the polled voters wanted the new Bangkok governor to settle the most, backed by 31.1% of them, followed by traffic congestion (27.7%), creation of jobs and income (13.4%), and ensuring the safety of their lives and property (11.7%).

The remaining 16.1% wanted cleaner fresh markets, roads and canals and the expansion of the rail systems to cover all areas of the city.

FYI: The pollster at Bangkok University interviewed 1,607 eligible voters in Bangkok, seeking opinions on the gubernatorial election between Jan 21 and 23.

In spite of the polls and the limited sampling, the grassroot factor in making the final decision during the election is the ultimate target. Bangkokians are more willing to see changes to a scandal-ridden Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and this can only happen with the injection of new leadership. For eight years, the Democrat Party has strangled Bangkok with poor management of basic facilities, increasing crime rates, flooding and extensive non-biodegradable pollution. The business sector and residents are fed-up with escalating inefficiencies. The time for change is now.


Photos of Pongsapat with the aging community in Bangkok:-

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