Boonmee Rermsuk, RIP but not in Bangkok

The Bangkok Criminal Court stated following the inquest that it lacked enough evidences and information to determine who shot a Red-Shirt demonstrator, Mr. Boonmee Rermsuk.

On May 14 2010, during the crackdown ordered by Abhisit, Mr. Boonme was shot with a .223-caliber bullet at his stomach and died of blood infection months later in July.

The Thai court ruled that although .223-caliber bullets were used by troops, who were cracking down on the protesters, some troops were also shot by the same bullets. As a result, it could not determine clearly that the old man was shot by a troop or not but during the crackdown the only group that wanted to crackdown on the Red-Shirt demonstrators was the military.

For the troops who were shot with the same type of bullet, in high possibility, they were caught in between “Friendly-Fire


อภิสิทธิ์ เวชชาชีวะ




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