What needs to be done to protect women?

The gang-rape and killing of a New Delhi student has set off an impassioned debate about what India needs to do to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Politicians, civil society and protesters have called for tougher rape laws and a revamp of police handling of reports and enforcement.

Thailand is moving steadily ahead with raising awareness of violence against women and children but such transformation must not be the government’s duty alone. To change the attitudes of society, especially men, to be more civic conscience is an uphill struggle.

This is not the responsibility which Thais and foreigners in Thailand can neglect. We have an obligation, despite the differences in gender issues, our country should work together towards the eradication of violence against women.

Thais need to express and believe in respect for women, and report cases of abuses to the authorities for immediate action. Protection of women is crucial in achieving a harmonious community.

This is not the time to wait, because would we wait for a case similar to India before we as a society react to enforce women’s rights and liberty?


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