Bangkok Governor Election: Trouble in Democrat Paradise

Even those without any political inclination, are puzzled with the Democrat Party and its flip-flop attitude on the candidacy for Bangkok governor and the hyped election in 2013. The Democrats claim to have a healthy connection with Sukhumbhand Paribatra, who is the current governor.

According to sources in the party, Abhisit and Apirak Kosayodhin are not happy with Sukhumbhand’s outlandish confidence in moving ahead with his self-nomination for the position. It is not, after all, toeing the party line. Some junior Democrat politicians have expressed their frustration at the disregard for younger candidates who believe Bangkok must have a youthful and vibrant vision.

The Democrat Party’s candidate selection working group, led by a former leader Banyat Bantadtan, are planning a series of closed-door meetings to select the most suitable and controllable candidate.

An internal rift within party and sympathizers over the selection of a candidate for Bangkok governor is evident. Some said they do not understand why Abhisit and the other leaders must tolerate Sukhumbhand extra-ordinary self-idolization that takes precedent over the needs of the party.

In fact many prefer to see Sukhumbhand disciplined within the party for placing his interests first over others and Yellow-Shirt Bangkokians.

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