Abstract Thoughts about our Thailand

  1. ArevaAamy
    #Thailand needs #justice for nearly 100 dead during #Abhisit‘s crackdown. He ordered live ammunition against protesters ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-89…
  2. ArevaAamy
    Democrat Party tend to attribute their own actions to external causes, while blaming others for their own misfortune and moral corruption.
  3. ArevaAamy
    #Abhisit often jump to lay the blame on everyone. He doesn’t know how to accept the truth or believe in responsibility.
  4. ArevaAamy
    Democrat Party are lacking empathy and a conscience. they’re expert manipulators. #thailand #politics #Abhisit
  5. ArevaAamy
    Amending the #constitution will help create solutions for #Thailand to move forward and bring #peace to the country, said #Yingluck
  6. ArevaAamy
    Some Thais believe that country should be managed by the few for democracy sake. Supporters of #DemocratParty don’t believe in majority.
  7. ArevaAamy
    #Thailand Criminal court sentenced a #RedShirts supporter to jail for two years for his involvement in a protest in May 2010.
  8. ArevaAamy
    1st charge: #murder related to crackdown in 2010. 2nd charge: #donations to Democrat Party. #Abhisit #DSI #crime #thailand
  9. ArevaAamy
    Ex-CRES secretary, Thawil Pliensri believes that his ex-bosses (#Abhisit Suthep) should not be prosecuted for #humanright violations.
  10. ArevaAamy
    Thawil is protecting himself because he knows he is equally responsible for violent crackdown. If #Abhisit goes to jail, he may be next.
  11. ArevaAamy
    Thawil insist that previous gov’t leaders (such as #Abhisit) escape prosecution because they were maintaining order. Murder is order?
  12. ArevaAamy
    #DSI should throw the book at Thawil for being part of CRES that saw over 95 people dead more than 2k people injured. #thailand #Justice
  13. ArevaAamy
    “We tried to negotiate with the protesters…” #Abhisit said (TheNation) | When failed he ordered live ammunition to kill #RedShirts. #crime
  14. ArevaAamy
    #Abhisit has set standards for murderers: kill in the name of democracy. #thailand
  15. ArevaAamy
    #Abhisit Suthep are the 1st officials to face charges over the deaths caused army using “live ammunition” (under his orders). #humanright
  16. ArevaAamy
    #DemocratParty believe it is justice to allow murderers to walk free. They will do anything to make #Abhisit look like good boy. #BANGKOK
  17. ArevaAamy
    Sathit Wongnongtaey, #DemocratParty MP thinks its right not to prosecute #Abhisit because dead Thais who protests are not important?
  18. ArevaAamy
    When justice swings against them, #DemocratParty blames everyone except themselves. #Abhisit and cronies have bad memories? #massmurder
  19. ArevaAamy
    #Abhisit Gov’t approved budget (Bt350 million) for airship purchase on March 10, 2009. People must ask him why he did that? #Corruption
  20. ArevaAamy
    #Abhisit obliterated the #RedShirts protesters on mid-May 2010 with APCs ramming barricades, while army snipers opened fire. #BANGKOK
  21. ArevaAamy
    #RedShirts were not happy with 2006 coup, where #Thaksin was removed as elected PM. #Abhisit supported witchhunt of Thaksin elected MPs.
  22. ArevaAamy
    #Thaksin won 3 consecutive elections with democracy ideals. Minority lost so they support undemocratic system to remove him. #thailand #fact

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