Abhisit the Master Spinner of Lies and Brutality

Abhisit believes in what he wants to believe. Too often he spins webs of deceit, only to believe in his own lie. He is convincing to some, specially with his British accent and his articulate manners when he’s outside of Thailand.

But many are not easily fooled by Abhisit’s attitude. They see through the contradictory statements he has made and his blatant lies which has directly promoted his image as one of the most brutal young non-elected leaders in the world.

His doll-like mannerism projects the uneasiness of his character when he spoke about the crackdown in a face-off interview with BBC. Obviously he is protecting his own skin and that of his political masters, those who placed him in power and nurtured him further to the heights of sadistic, oppressive rule.

Abhisit has no qualms about hiding the truth. He jerks the threads of political puppetry like he does with the local media when he was the Prime Minister. He has no problems with such actions because he does not care about giving the instruction to use live ammunition to kill Red Shirt protesters.

He knows, from his western upbringing that this is a breach of human rights but he didn’t care about it in 2010, and he does not lose any sleep over it now.

Among the Democrat Party members and their cronies in the People’s Alliance for Democracy, they have accepted to live Abhisit’s lie and would prefer to see more Red Shirts shot or thrown into prison. They do not place any value on human rights because they see the Red Shirt front as a group of illiterate, poor villagers and rural, dirty people: the Yellow Shirts are fond of calling them “buffaloes.”

The Yellow Shirts do not mind throwing the whole lot into prison or turning the northern provinces into a detention camp so that the political elites can maintain their power base of corruption and prestige. It has been the duty of Abhisit and his cronies to keep the poor Thais in their place.

During the BBC interview, Abhisit did what he did best. He justified his brutality of killing and injuring the Red Shirts in the name of his version and vision of democracy.

Of course the world cannot expect less of Abhisit. Truly he is the Master Spinner of Lies.


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