Ex-PM Abhisit faces murder charges over Red Shirt crackdown in Bangkok

It is in the news today. Wonderful news.

The former Prime Minister of Thailand, Abhisit, is to face a charge of murder over the death of a taxi driver.

The victim was shot by the military during the crackdown of the Red Shirt rallies in 2010. Abhisit, who was responsible for the crackdown, must face justice, whether in Thailand or in the International Criminal Court (ICC), for the rampant human rights violation.

This is a start of a much-awaited process of democratic justice for the Thai people.

Despite the repeated calls for prosecution after the deadly crackdown, Abhisit failed to fulfil his pledges for justice in accordance to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Thai laws. He had tried to distance himself from his role during the crackdown, and placed the responsibility of action on to a security committee, which incidentally reports to him, when he was the Prime Minister.

Abhisit was not the only person responsible for the deaths of over 95 people, which also saw almost 2000 people injured. The process of justice must also include those responsible in the other violent killings.

But this murder charge is seen by many as a positive move forward, in the name of democracy and the value of human life.

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