Censure Debate that Led to Nowhere

Regardless of what the Democrat Party would tell you, the censure debate proved to be a futile campaign against Prime Minister Yingluck and her government. Some of the Democrat politicians were still harping on issues that have no relevance to Yingluck’s capacity in managing the government or Thailand’s resources.

I find the whole exercise a complete waste of tax-payers’ money and an abuse of process (MPs had repeatedly orally harassed Yingluck during the “debate”) but one that is far better than the rallies organised by the ally of the opposition, Pitak Siam.

Fundamental rule of law, in a democracy, the Parliament must be the platform of sharing issues affecting the people and the country. Anything beyond that constitutes an aggressive removal of due process, such was the case in the anti-democracy rallies and violence committed by Pitak Siam.

The censure debate has ended. The Democrats have lost but what else can we expect from them?

The head of the opposition, Abhisit, has not shown the sincerity for collaboration nor is he interested to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. At this rate the Democrat Party has stuck to its age-old practice of serving the elites of Bangkok and ignoring the plights of the working class and poor.

Thailand is in a crucial state of progress, coupled by the unstable global economic decline. If the opposition believes that playing the role of a recalcitrant would guarantee their political longevity then they are in the wrong. Such acts would surely condemn their supporters into blind frenzy and an ultimate act of political suicide, and refusing to blame their own leaders but preferring to blame the government for every issue they can fantasize about.


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