Santi Asoke Consorting With Pitak Siam

Santi Asoke is a deviant group of self-proclaimed monks. They showed their support for anti-democracy by participating in the Nov 24 rally organized by Pitak Siam.

Their right in associating themselves with any organization must be acknowledged but that in itself is a self-defeating act of being impartial, as Pitak Siam is a neo-fascist group that had sought to remove the government of Prime Minister Yingluck and change the institution of rule, which included that Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Such is treasonous by Thai standards and in accordance to the law, and quite a non-Buddhist ideals of interference.

Their active participation in the rally creates suspicion on Santi Asoke’s agenda in Thai politics. After all why did Santi Asoke participate in a rally that committed violence against riot police?


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