Pitak Siam and their Coup from Sanity

Pitak Siam group called for another coup in Thailand. Its so typically maddening of them to do such.

Retired General Boonlert leads the Pitak Siam which seeks to see a repeat of those unlawful days of democratic oppression, such as in the year 2006 when the Thai army dismantled the legal Government of Mr. Thaksin. This was followed by the change of our country’s Constitution by a junta.

Some elements in the multi-colored groups have also expressed their support for a coup, claiming that the military can restore power “for the benefit of the people.”

This shows a blatant contradiction of hypocritical unethical agenda and is in violation of the mandate given to our present Prime Minister.

The army has no plans for another coup and has in fact shown more collaboration with Ms. Yingluck’s Government, which was elected and supported by the majority and the highest Institution of Thailand.

Our lives are shortened when radical anti-social groups like Pitak Siam work towards anti-democratic ideals. Our future means nothing to our children when the minority instigates uncertainty in the political stability of the nation.

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