Pedicure Politics with an Ungrateful Executive

I walk to the shop by the corner of Lotus, hope for my regular pedicure. Quality time for this writer. I always, must have time to for nails and my haggard appearance… when I can afford this VIP treatment.

The cashier smiles and ushers me into the small but cosy room. The sunlight pours into the room onto the comfortable chairs. I am not alone. There is another customer who is being well treated by the wonder workers.

I didn’t waste any time. I sit on the chairs and offer my hands to them. I moan and purr under their firm touch. They are truly wonder workers ka.

I decide to make small chit chat with the other customer. This is usually what we do when we have our girly time, stranger or not.

She works in a telecom company, a young executive with great ambition. We speak about True and the competitiveness of data plans with other companies.

We realised that this chat was going nowhere, very boring. She knows this and switches topic. Politics.

Men don’t know much about politics well at least not like us women. I pray for maturity when women exchange opinions and with a feminine touch.

She say she don’t like the ruling party and the Government. She’s a Democrat, as if that was suppose to make a huge impact on me. I was hoping for a prolong discussion but with such attitude I know where this was going to lead to.

I ask her, why don’t she like the Government ka. She frowns and say that trash from the north don’t know about democracy. I fume with annoyance but kept my lips sealed, for the moment. I think she’s deeply confuse.

She say Abhisit is smart and comes from a good family. She also say that he is a better Prime Minister because our country was peaceful. At this time I think I wanted to grab her and shake her from her day dreaming.

I say, why don’t she give Yingluck a chance ka. Her reply, she is bad news because her brother is corrupt.

I stop talking and allow the wonder workers to cover my eyes with cool slices of cucumbers. She stop also.

So often these Democrats think their leaders are perfect like saints. They don’t want to give respect to Yingluck because they think they cannot get contracts and power positions. I think Democrats do not understand true democracy.

Democrats lost the election last year. Thai people lost respect and trust with Abhisit and his rich cronies. Only a small number of people support this dwindling party.

Now the Democrats depend on a tiny group of expatriates for political mileage. Maybe its about time Abhisit and his worthless opportunists leave our country to be exiled? Maybe not?

I think this executive is a dumb blonde. She will only support politicians who give into her ambition. Does she know about the meaning of democracy? I don’t think she and the Democrats care.

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