Corruption: NACN is the Black Fist of Political Cronies?

16 Billion baht.

NACN, or known as Nation Associate Anti-Corruption Network, claims that politicians had smuggled 16 Billion baht to Hong Kong from Thailand.

NACN secretary general, Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, claims that the Hong Kong authorities had “confiscated” the money.

However the authorities in HK have denied knowledge of “16 Billion baht” NACN. There is no investigation nor transaction.

With Mongkolkit’s questionable business backgrounds, its not surprising that I believe the Hong Kong authorities.

Another fairy tale of those hoping to tarnish the track record of the government? Of course, it is obvious.

Someone should investigate all the members of NACN for dubious and questionable practises. NACN itself is not accountable. There is no transparency of their activities. Some Thai and international advocates of anti-corruption have even questioned the legitimacy of NACN’s witch-hunt.

Has anyone seen their annual reports and NACN’s monthly expenses? Have they revealed their strategies and political connections to the public? How many Thais know what NACN?

NACN fabricated the 16 Billion baht story to please their political masters: Democrats, PAD and rich cronies.

The lie about HK authorities and Government agencies conducting an investigation on Pheu Thai politicians for the alleged offence has been revealed.

FACT: There is NO 16 Billion baht.

Maybe NACN is hiding their own corrupted transactions? So how about doing a background check on its members and an investigation on their supposed anti-corruption activities.

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