Black Shirts in Abhisit’s Closets

The murder of democracy.

In 2006, the military removed Mr. Thaksin as the Prime Minister of Thailand. The Constitution was changed to suit the needs of the military-appointed government.

There was no freedom of peaceful assembly. There was no elections back then. The junta-government did not allow freedom and justice.

Now, under Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck, even the opposition-minority can demonstrate in public areas. There is no crackdown. This government is fair to the people even with many criticism from the Democrats.

I want to remind the Democrats that during their support of the junta government, they prevented many demonstrations, disallowed freedom of the press. They also supported the use of force against the Red Shirts, which saw almost 100 people dead and thousands wounded.

Now the Democrats have accused the Red Shirts of violence, saying that the Black Shirts was a militant arm of the protesters. Ridiculous.

Many people wore black during the 2010 crackdown, especially the military who used black to hide themselves for ambush and attacks.

Don’t tell me that Mr. Abhisit, PAD and the Democrats don’t have black shirts in their closets.

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