Snipers, Army and DSI – where is Justice?

The department of special investigation (DSI) plans to ask the army to produce firearms for examination. The firearms were used by “snipers” during the 2010 crackdown on the red-shirt allies. The army are denying that they had snipers, shooting the people on the roads of Bangkok. But this doesn’t explain why so many people died, many from gunshot wounds.

1. DSI must investigate Abhisit more closely especially as he was the one who gave the permission to the military to shoot civilians. Abhisit has been a two-faced clown, promising justice for the Thai community but ironically is involved with the killings of the people. His fancy suit is covered with blood.

2. If justice is to be served, anyone who killed or injured others during the rallies of 2010 must not escape punishment. Don’t forget those who gave the green light to shoot and harm others.

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