One Year On, Yingluck Moving Forward

The government of Thailand celebrates their success in the land of smiles. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her ministers had performed well during the government’s first year in office, despite the critical reviews of the weakening opposition.

Yingluck has proven to the people that she is able to manage many of the country’s administrative challenges and expectations. It was only one year ago that the prime minister won a major victory in the elections, where the mandate of government was given by the people to her. The loser, Mr. Abhisit, was unable to secure the support and trust of the people, especially after his involvement in the Red Shirt crackdown where over 90 people perished.

Thailand is facing a slow but gradual build up of issues, affecting the people and the future. The people are worried about the floods, high cost of goods and the unpredictable living standards in a global recession. The frustration of a minority is on violence in the southern provinces of Thailand. Yingluck has more than her fair share of societal problems to manage, while remaining focus of the future.

Political divisions does little to convince Thai society of a future of peace and harmony. The government’s reconciliation proposal was not accepted by Abhisit and his political party. He fears that with reconciliation, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the brother of Yingluck and a former Prime Minister, will return and political change will facilitate the process of democratic values. Ironically, Abhisit appears to be against democratic change and this is visible in the eyes of Thai society.

One year of successes and struggles but a worthy effort by the government. There will be many more challenges to overcome but unlike Abhisit’s rule, Yingluck intends to keep her government accountable, transparent and accessible to the people.

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