Lack of Trust between the Army and Government?

The gossip strikes the political community. People are talking about the lack of trust. Army and government. Too many, the army does not seem to respond to the government. To some, the army is independent. However in a democratic country, the people decide where to place the power of running the country. It is not with the army. It is with the government. Prime Minister Yingluck’s government.

1. Trust is often expressed but in truth, they are in fact lies. This is a common fact in Thai politics.

2. Trust cannot be achieved by the barrel of a gun. It can only be shown by honesty and respect of each other. Unwilling parties will never enjoy trust because people do not want to give each other a chance.

3. The government is always rebuilding opportunity for trust. That is a fact. They are sincere of this, as expressed in their policies. But the gossips by the opposition seeks to destroy this. They are interested to see a breakdown of communication. Maybe they are interested to see a repeat of what the army can do to a lawful government, according to some political sources.

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