Is the future of Thailand in the bowl of lies and drama?

Thailand is a beautiful country. This nation is geared for growth, nationally and internationally. The future of the country is bright. Even with the floods, the country survives well in the face of disaster. Thailand is not a new country in the region, its history is rich with knowledge, vibrant culture and of survival. 1. The Thai people are very fond of drama. The drama of betrayal, conspiracy and the sufferings. These drama, maybe, makes life bearable. Many Thais are hard working. They work to save money, to spend for their families and to gamble in the daily risk of life. 2. But the drama drains the wisdom of the people. It affects their spirit and their ability to remain united. Trust is no longer a commodity, there seems no value at appreciating people for who they are. There is a certain fakeness to life. People would rather believe in the lies, maybe to make their lives better through being ignorant. 3. I have stopped reading many local news. They are propaganda for politicians that I do not like. Some reporters report to the wallets of the rich. Others just like to see the progression of their profession. Nothing seems real anymore.

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