How free is Thailand’s media?

Rumors, a frequent gossip interaction, and people exploring the juicy bits of Thailand and its politics. People are so dependant on information from informal channels that its difficult to separate the facts from the fantasy of the common man and the political trolls. We hear so many stories, ranging from the health of personalities to the movement of troops in a province.

1. The lack of accuracy of information in the mainstream, whether on radio, telly, internet and the gathering of friends to feed each other with more stories. It is the culture of misinformation, where the people are eager to believe half-truths rather then pure logic. Everyone is happy to digest the propaganda of a political party regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. But then this is Thailand, the land of gossips.

2. At the same time, people don’t really know who to believe despite the hunger for gossip. People are more happy to read or share information that they know is inaccurate. People are desperate for distraction.

3. Prime Minister Yingluck has set many targets. These targets include anti-corruption strategies. It should also focus on the corruption of reporters and media-spinners. Money is exchanged and people report news based on their financial incentives rather the truth. If this does not stop, then Thailand will become a country that produces rumors and unhealthy gossips.

4. Sad but true.

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