Thailand’s 2010 Crackdown Probe: Who gave the green light?

New York-based Human Rights Watch issued a statement urging Thailand’s army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha to stay out of the probe into the deaths of more than 90 people killed during a nine-week anti-government protest in Bangkok that ended with a military crackdown in 2010. The protests by the “Red Shirts” movement had crippled the metropolis, […]

Running for governorship of Bangkok

Former police chief Sereepisut Temiyavej has confirmed his intention to run for the high-anticipated position of Bangkok governor under the Bangkok Power (Palang Krungthep) banner. A flamboyant self-styled graft-buster who toe-stepping-style whether with powerful politicians or godfathers of organized crime throughout his career, Sereepisut will be challenging Sukhumbhand Paribatra. The incumbent Democrat governor’s first four-year […]