Thailand, a big fat bullet and political lies

Thailand just dodged a big fat bullet.

1. A very biased news article in Bloomberg. I made some comments to the article but I feel that people are confused about democracy. It seems people have forgotten that the Constitution 2007 was drafted by the military and that Thaksin was elected by the people in a democratic process.

2. The more people justify the need to go back to Abhisit-style government, the more we lose our rights. Media and press was monitored and suppressed during his time as “prime minister” and what happened to the people who died in the 2010 crackdown – who gave the green light to shoot the protesters? The military? I don’t think so. I believe Abhisit made the decision.

3. Human rights abuses in any government in Thailand must be addressed. However how can these issues be addressed when the government of the day is still burdened with the rigidity of a constitution which was done in an undemocratic way?


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