Ramadan violence in South Thailand

Govt acts on Ramadan violence | Bangkok Post: news http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/305104/govt-approves-b391m-to-fight-ramadan-violence

1. More security measures may reduce the aggression but it will not change the opinions of people who are violent. This may be a temporary plan and it may have disastrous results in the future.

2. Administration of the south provinces need to include more people in the south. People who community leaders, youth groups and the non-governmental organisations. Recruit more people who can build bridges to peace rather than getting people who are only interested to serve themselves.

3. Peace is a process. Resources to tighten security is important but it will not target the grievances of many in the south. Could it be related to the lack of economical growth? Or maybe some politicians don’t want to see peace settle in this part of Thailand?

4. I believe Yingluck is doing her best but it will take more than money and security to solve the problems.

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