Abhisit mocking the Redshirts or ridiculing the dead?

I saw this link and have been hearing the stories circulating on Twitter and on the grapevine. I was shocked. Abhisit, Thailand’s former prime minister, was wearing a red shirt and making all sorts of nonsense-remarks about reconciliation and rights. But has he forgotten about the dead and those who were injured during the Red Shirt 2010 crackdown by the military at HIS command!

1. He should be prosecuted for the acts of genocide and the assault on the lives of fellow Thais.

2. He does not want reconciliation because he and his political party, the Democrats, are only keen to maintain their power base in governance – despite the fact that they lost terribly in the last election.

3. Abhisit is unable to grasp the logic that he ordered the military to shoot the protesters in the capital of Thailand. He now makes a mockery of the deaths by not submitting to the wheels of justice.

4. If there was a process of human rights, then it is within the interest of those who suffered during the violent crackdown to demand that he be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.


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