Sudarat Keyuraphan not interested in reconciliation in Thailand?

Now is not the right time for the parliament to deliberate the reconciliation bills because it could lead to political turmoil, former MP Sudarat Keyuraphan, a member House No11, said on Friday. There was a movement underway to arouse the people against the government’s support for the reconciliation bills. The Pheu Thai Party and its coalition partners must be careful in the handling of this issue to avoid any unwanted situation arising, she said. Mrs Sudarat said the government’s opponents would be watching closely when the parliament reconvenes next Wednesday, Aug 1, to see whether the constitutional amendment and reconciliation bills would be tabled for consideration.


1. So Sudarat, when is the "right" time to discuss about reconciliation?

2. Maybe Sudarat has forgotten that Yingluck’s electoral victory was because the majority of the Thai people wanted to see a reconciliation and an end to the hostility.

3. It seems that Democrats and PAD are not interested in community-building and a national reconciliation. They prefer a country divided by hatred and tears.


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