Simple Facts about #Thaksin and #Abhisit

I had a delicious lunch with a good friend, who also happens to be a Yellow Shirt. We always end up arguing about politics, once in a while, ending up with a cat-fight-like debate. I want to share my thoughts about simple facts:

1. During Thaksin’s days as prime minister, we had a very proactive human rights-based constitution.

2. Many people said he was a dictator but he and the coalition of political parties won every election.

3. Abhisit came into power with the help of the military. They changed the constitution to suit their political agendas and prevented the freedom of the media and press.

4. Abhisit lost the 2011 elections. He was voted out by the majority of the Thai people.

5. I hope Thais can debate about politics in a civilised, honest fashion. I hope we can be friends and move towards a harmonious society based on acceptance and love.

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