Democrats-Style of Deception in #Thailand

I am still puzzled why democrats and some of the cream of corporate elitism wants to maintain the constitution that was drafted and produced by a once-upon-a-time military power in 2007.

1. Isn’t it undemocratic to allow a military-sponsored constitution determine the lives of the Thai people?

2. If the democrats are truly for democracy, then why are they preventing Yingluck’s government from achieving this? Or just to show their bruised talons?

3. Are the democrats scared of losing their dwindling power? But this is debatable, as their influence is already very low.

4. I think the democrats are only interested to sustain the political drama. They are hypocrites who encourage a small minority to believe in the illusion of fear and ignorance. Through a culture of terror, the democrats will be able to wield their weapon — the whip of deception and domination.


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