GT200: The joke of the century

I woke up from deep sleep, found myself alone in bed. The not-so-thrilling moment, especially on a beautiful Sunday morning. I made a pot of coffee, toasts and ignored the telly. What made my day was reading this piece of news, caused me to laugh and smile. What a splendid morning.

Some interesting facts that many politicians choose to forget:

1. In 2005, Thaksin’s government bought only 4 units at the price of 20,000 Baht per unit.

2. In 2006, after Thaksin was removed as prime minister by a military junta, the replacement bought 500 units at the price of 70,000 Baht per device.

3. In 2008 and 2009 during Abhisit’s rule, the military ordered 8 times more, with a total budget of 419.5 Million Baht. Outrageously silly as the device does not work at all.

Okay, I want to finish my coffee and quietly end the laughter at the foolishness of this episode.


The above in as old note that I wrote last year.

I read today that  James McCormick, 56, was found guilty of three counts of fraud at London’s Old Bailey court for selling completely ineffective devices based on an American novelty golf ball finder.

McCormick made an estimated £50 million (2.1 billion baht) from sales of his three models. 

The devices did not work and he knew they did not work,’’ prosecutor Richard Whittam told jurors.

And despite the fact they did not work, people bought them for a handsome but unwarranted profit.

McCormick was bailed until his sentencing on May 2.



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