Controversial Xayaburi Dam and Thailand

Construction work is still under way at the controversial Xayaburi Dam site (including a dyke straddling the Mekong River) despite claims by the Lao government that the work is only preliminary and promises that the project will proceed only with the approval of regional neighbours. 1. This mega structure is a concern within the region […]

South Thailand and the ongoing violence

South Thailand, yes many would think of beach resorts, perfect island getaways and the ongoing violence, bombing and cruel violation of human rights. I read Joshua Kurlantzick’s dramatic compilation of thoughts and outlook – “Thailand’s War Without An Audience” which is gripping to the core. South Thailand is not just a South Thai problem. It […]

Thai restaurant goes bang for cockroaches

A do-it-yourself pest control blitz at a Thai restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD has backfired overnight when 10 insect bombs exploded, blowing a door off its hinges, destroying an internal wall and shattering a second storey window. Staff at the restaurant, Le Bangkok, activated 10 cockroach bombs after the restaurant closed on Saturday night. The Metropolitan […]

GT200: The joke of the century

I woke up from deep sleep, found myself alone in bed. The not-so-thrilling moment, especially on a beautiful Sunday morning. I made a pot of coffee, toasts and ignored the telly. What made my day was reading this piece of news, caused me to laugh and smile. What a splendid morning. Some interesting facts that […]