Snowballing changes to the Thai constitution of 2007

The United front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) stands firms on its position that the government call a parliamentary meeting to vote on the third reading of the charter amendment bill, UDD chair Thida Thavornsat said on Friday.

Mrs Thida said even though the government leader, the Pheu Thai Party, and many other groups agreed that all sides should wait for the full text of the ruling of the Constitution Court, the red-shirts thought the legislative branch should make it clear that the court has no authority to intervene in charter change procedures.

The Constitution Court is scheduled to release its official opinion on the legality of the amendment bill next Thursday, July 26.

Asked about the court’s suggestion that a public referendum on charter change should be held, Mrs Thida said the red-shirts were not afraid of a referendum.

Source: Bangkok Post

In a democratic country, laws, policies and even the Constitution are subjected to changes, nothing in politics is permanent. If democracy is expected, then positive changes must be allowed for the benefit of the people. The 2007 constitution should not be exempted, as it was created by a military-backed government led by Abhisit.

Sadly the Democrats want to prevent the wheels of reforms. But did the Democrats and their allies win the general election? No. So based on the simple theory that a legitimate government must be allowed to facilitate the changes that the majority want to see in Thailand.


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