Are we listening to those living in South Thailand?

We read and hear more news about the violence in South Thailand. But it should not come to a shock for most of us, because its reported on the news and media almost everyday. Should we be surprised that daily violence in South Thailand is considered as a norm? No.

There are too many cases of violence on both sides. And there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

I think it is best for both sides to disregard the provincial administrations (after decades of failures) and the military, and focus on peace-initiative from a federal entity.  It seems politicians from these provinces are not able to stop the violence, and we don’t see any evidences that the violence and killings will decrease. Maybe its about time that the federal government look at direct peace negotiations with the people of South Thailand. Maybe its about time that countries like Malaysia and Indonesia get involved with the peace-process, and help stimulate peace within the Muslim communities. All military campaigns must stop to enable such community-building efforts.

Maybe Thais should start listening to our neighbors in the south and work towards a compromise, for a better Thailand.



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